The Middlesex Law Association is a professional association of lawyers based in Middlesex County. Founded in 1879, we provide numerous support services for the local bar, including a legal reference library, professional development and networking opportunities, and social events.

Executives & Committees

The MLA is managed by 15 members who are elected annually to form a Board of Trustees.

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Bylaws & Policies

We operate according to several by-laws and policies. These governing documents outline the expected roles and responsibilities of the MLA to its members.

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MLA Facilities

Located in the London Court House, our library, locker room, and lounge facilities are open to all MLA members 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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Mentorships & Scholarships

The MLA is proud to support young lawyers and students through our mentorship and scholarship programs.

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London Lawyers Feed the Hungry

We are proud sponsors of the LLFH program in support of hunger relief in London. With over $25,000 raised annually, LLFH sponsors and volunteers are working to ensure London and Middlesex-area residents have access to meal or food programs in times of need.

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Join over 900 MLA members throughout Middlesex County.

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